Valparai hills welcome’s you. Have you ever felt that you had enough of your usual lifestyle and thought it was high time you packed your bags and ventured out to deserve a much needed break? Have you had enough of your usual 9 to 5 job and a weekly eat out? For all those who think your answer is “Yes”. Then get ready; Valparai awaits you.  Tucked in the majestic mountains of the Anaimalai Ranges (Elephant Mountains) in the Western Ghats, Valparai is a dream destination for all those of you who want to rediscover yourself. It is different because Valparai is pristine and untouched by the ongoing madness of commercialisation that is going on with most of the tourist hotspots in our country. Valparai hills boasts of no manmade attractions. The first thing you will notice about Valparai is that it is full of what nature has to offer: crystal clear water, clean air, and greenery, open space to unwind yourself, cheerful locals and abundant wild life. There are no man made attractions like a boat house, a botanical Garden, a multiplex, a star hotel or a top class restaurant. “Every kilometre you travel, it is a tourist spot in Valparai” that’s how the local prefer to answer when asked about what to see in Valparai. This website will help you with details about Valparai tourism, Valparai accommodation, Valparai info, Valparai hotels, Valparai hill station, Valparai tours, Valparai Real estate, Valparai home stay, Valparai wildlife, Valparai resorts and Valparai hills. Welcome to Valparaihillstation.com

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